How to become a High Class Escort

How to become a High Class Escort

Becoming an escort is an easy way to earn some big bucks and also doing what you love at the same time. You get paid to be pampered, feel sexy at all times and date a man, no strings attached. However, there are some risks too you must be careful of such as becoming pregnant or becoming a prime subject for investigation of any crime, as many of your clients could be or could have been, criminals. Therefore, it is very important that you set some rules and make sure your clients abide by them.
Here are steps to being a high class escort:

1. Take nude, semi-nude and erotic pictures of yourself highlighting your assets. Use Photoshop to remove any visible imperfections.

2. Make an advertisement with your best picture. Put up your fantasy name, prepaid phone number and the link to your website. Put up these advertisements on various porn or adult dating websites. You can also send e-mailers or put up pictures on social networking websites.

3. Make a website. If you don’t have money for making a good website, you can make a free one by going to Put up pictures, your number, your services and your prices on the website. Keep changing your pictures.

4. Charge what is the market rate. Even if you think it is overpriced. Your clientele have the money to spend that much on you. In this way, you attract as your client and you are not putting yourself in a position to do as much and get paid lesser than the market rate.

5. Groom yourself well. You are not being paid to look like a slob. Always take a shower before and after. Make sure your body always looks amazing, your nails, hair and makeup should be perfect with each client. Wear a subtle perfume. Remember, you are their living fantasy. Carry yourself with poise and elegance and your high paying contacts will come back for more.

6. Get an in-call location, preferably a hotel room. This lets your client slip away from his realities for a while and lets him enjoy your time with you to the moment. You can set the mood with candles and music.

7. Make sure you check if your client is not a registered sex offender or in the strippers blacklist. Also check yourself regularly for STDs. Always carry extra protection with you. Never talk about your personal life and keep phone interactions to a minimal.